Market Demand

Market Demand
The future of urban farming is now in vertical farming.
With the current world population of 7 billion people and growing, shrinking space for farming, close to 50% living in large urban centers, a radical change in how and where we grow our food needs to happen. In the next few decades, our projected population would exceed the 10 billion mark, 80% of that population will be living in mega-cities.
The big challenge
• Access to abundant and a healthy food source is vital in any future mega city.
• Cutting the distance from farm to consumers is another vital challenge in feeding millions of city dwellers.
• Efficient local food growing systems that is low-energy
• Agricultural technology that has low demand on water
• Not susceptible to climate changes
• Uses substantially less land than traditional farming.
• Vertical farming fits these requirements
The demand of today’s Market
According to a Nielsen Global Health and Wellness 2015 global survey, more people now desire locally produced vegetables, and if priced right, the potential is huge (economically).
In Alberta, the demand for local products in grocery stores is growing 44 percent per year”, according to ACNielson.