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A highly urbanize city like Edmonton and the surroundings communities have seen explosive growth in its population. Food cost has slowly increased, long winters made us import more expensive produce, and a new generation of health-conscious urban dwellers are demanding for more fresh crops. Fresh Farms has the solution and the potential market is unlimited.


Ahluwalia Fresh Farms’ is serious in its pursuant of good agricultural practices. We adhere to strict guidelines in fresh food operations and implement the highest standard in everything we do. We have recently submitted our operations to a third party auditor from a certified body to review our urban farm operation to see if our efforts are CanadaGAP food safety and ethical agricultural practices certified.


Ahluwalia Fresh Farms primary goal – grow locally and sell fresh year round.  Reliable, affordable, consistent quality and abundant supply of leafy greens and micro greens to meet the food requirements of urban city dwellers is the driving force behind Fresh Farms push to help create the next generation of vertical farmers.

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Established in 2016, Ahluwalia Fresh Farms is a start-up business located in Edmonton. Founded by Mr. Rajan Ahluwalia, a local entrepreneur with big plans to establish this company as an industry leader in hydroponics farming innovation as well as a first of its kind successful local farm inside Edmonton’s city limits.

::::: We Hold CanadaGap Food Safety Certificate :::::